What We Do

Appliance installsWe can install Flat screen TVs, Stereo Equipment, TV Antennas and even configure computer Networks
Assembling productsAssembling Furniture, tables, chairs etc. purchased is done with the minimum of fuss by our experts
Awnings installedInstallation of awnings over windows etc. to minimize or keep sunlight out
Awnings CleanedAwnings get dirty over time. We can clean them for you
Backyard pet escape proofingIs your dog escaping from the backyard. We can help make it escape-proof
Bathroom renovationsFrom a simple tile(s) replacement to a complete renovation. We can manage it for you.
Blinds installedBought some new blinds and need help to install them
BookcasesWe can design, make and/or install bookcases in your house.
CabinetsBought a new cabinet that needs to be fixed into place. We can help
CarpentryMost carpentry jobs can be done by us
Ceiling repairsMaybe your ceiling is water damaged or just mouldy. We can fix, clean or replace
Curtains installedWe can install those new curtains you're planning on purchasing to make that room look great
DeckingWe can build a new deck or repair an existing one in most cases
Decks cleanedMaybe that deck is looking quite old. Sometimes a good clean can bring it back to new again
Decorating adviceOur interior decorating experience can help you achieve that wow factor
Door RepairsNeed that door repaired or maybe it's just stuck. We can make it work like a new one again
Doors installedMaybe a brand new door is the answer. We can fit it for you
Dryer ventsIf your laundry is getting a bit mouldy or damp, a vent to the outside can help
Fascia boardThe fascia sits between the roof and the guttering. We can repair or install a new one
Fences & gatesSpending their whole lives in the weather can take a toll. We can repair or build a new gate or fence
Filter replacementsRangehoods, Evaporative air conditioners, vents all have filters and get clogged. We can clean or replace
Fly Wire ScreenWe can replace your fly-wire screen with that big hole in it
Flooring installedOur carpentry work extends to laying timber floors or floating floors
Flat pack furniture assembledWe can help assemble Flat-pack furniture purchased from Ikea, Freedom etc.
Footpath repairsSome cracks on your path can be repaired. Maybe it's better to lay something new over the top.
FramingEven if you’re a builder that needs an extra pair of hands to help with the frame
Garage cleanupSome garages are just really messy. We can help organise yours and remove rubbish where necessary
Glass replacementBroken windows can be replaced. Sometimes we can do it. Most times we'll organise it for you
Hanging picturesHanging a picture can be a bit tricky getting the right height . Sometimes really heavy ones need a special fixture
Gutters/Downpipes repairedIf your gutter is rusted out, we can put a new piece in or replace the whole lot. Maybe it just needs cleaning out. We can do that too.
Handrails installedIt's really important that steps and decks have a secure handrail. We can also install handrails to help with disablement
Hang mirrorsHanging a mirror can be a bit tricky getting the right height and look
Light globe replacementWe can install new light globes to get your house looking bright again
Interior designWe have an interior deigner on hand to help choose the right colours and textures to match your likes.
Leak repairsWe can usually fix a leaking roof and the resultant damaged ceiling
Leaking tapsLeaking taps can be really annoying and wasteful. A new washer often takes care of them
Locks installsDoor locks can be installed
Mail box fittedWe can help install that new letterbox you've purchased
Plaster repairWe can repair that hole in the wall so that you'll never know it was there in the first place
Painting touch-ups and small jobsCracks, chips or maybe the paint is peeling. We can fix the problem and touch it up so it's like brand new again
Pressure washingWe can pressure wash your concrete or paved area to bring it back to life and make it a feature again
Rubbish removalWe can organise a mini-skip and help clean out the rubbish you don't need any more
ShelvingWe can make and/or install shelving to get things organised again
Shower doorsShower door mouldy or damaged? We can clean or install a new one for you
Sliding doorsSliding doors can get a bit sticky or hard to open and close. We can fix the problem for you
Small RenovationsGetting some tradesmen can be difficult. We can manage the job for you
Smoke detectors battery replacementIt's really important to make sure the battery in the smoke detector is in good condition. Some ceilings are really high. We can replace batteries for you
Steps installedMaybe those steps are rotting. Maybe you just need new ones. We can do most installs
Sweeping & cleaningMaybe you just need a good tidy up. We can help get your place looking spick and span again
TilingTiling can make a dramatic difference to an area. We can help you achieve the look your after
Toilet Roll holders installedEven the smallest jobs can be done by us
Towel racks installedThere's nothing worse than having wet towels on the bathroom floor because the towel rack is broken
Vents installed/cleanedWe can install a new vent to let the outside air in or the inside air out. We can also clean or replace an existing vent
Verandah repairsVerandahs and decks are exposed to the elements and need maintenance and/or repairs
Vertical gardensWe love creating vertical gardens. They are great for small spaces or even for hiding an ugly fence or creating a nice nook in a larger garden
Window UnstickingHouses move. Windows get stuck. We can help get them opening and closing smoothly again
Window installMaybe you want a new window installed to let more light in
Flower / Vegie boxesAdd character and seperation to your garden
Garden clean upWhether it be green or hard rubbish, we'll tidy up and remove all rubish
Garden makeoversGive your garden a new lease of life and add value and useability
Garden maintenanceWe can restore your garden to it's former glory by expertly pruning, hedging and weeding
Gutters clearedPrevent expensive damage caused by build up of leaves and rubbish
HedgingBe it your lawn or prized English Box, we'll keep it looking at it's best
IrrigationSave time, effort and water by having your valuable plants watered automatically and as required
LandscapingBig or small, detailed or simple we can tailor to your needs whilst giving you the best garden in the street
Lawn mowingRegular or on a needs basis with expert hedging
Lawn repairWe have solutions to most lawns in need of repair
Retaining wallsCan be both decorative and functional. Whatever your need we can build a safe and secure one for you
Rose pruningExpertly prune and shape promoting ongoing healthy flowering
Slashing / blockslashingNo jobs too hard, we have the appropriate equiptment to tackle all jobs
Soil / Mulch / PebblesWith extensive knowledge and past works we can suggest the best product for your requirements
Tree / shrub plantingWe'll ensure you have the right soil and nutrients in place to promote healthy growth
Trees loppedSafely lopped whether in your property or overhanging into your neighbours property
Trees prunedExpertly pruned at the right time of year depending on tree type
Weed mattingMininmise the growth and spread of weeds