Vertical gardens are a great way to enhance the look and feel of a small space. Here is another great way to recycle discarded pallets. These can be easily found on most building sites around the country.

This seat has been made from recycled materials. The back is the lid of a circa 50s shipping crate that has a groove cut through the middle of it. It's also had a clear varnish applied to it. The seat came from a discarded pallet found on a building site. It's a permanent fixture of the new fence.

Here is a great of example of recycling and re-purposing materials. The planter boxes have been made from plywood sitting atop an old pallet. Sitting above the planter boxes are two slightly modified pallets attached back-to-back with "trays" to hold soil and plants. In this example are 4 bench seats sitting on each side of the planter box, but we could build seating (if required) that was more suitable for your house. Without the seating this could sit in a "light well' and serve as a nice feature and kitchen garden. This particular one is a veritable herb garden with some strawberry plants as well.