This 1890s Victorian was renovated 7 years ago. The rear of the house is very modern and the owner wanted to be sympathetic to the era at the front of the house as well but give it a contempoary look. We built the mantle pice as a timber frame and then lined it with plasterboard. The shelves above the mantle are made from recycled oregon timber beams that were taken out of the house. The colour is Porters Paint "Clove". The mantle and shelves are Dulux Antique Wite - USA. The shelf below and to the right of the mantle is from left-over flooring, stained with a mixture of Tan and Black.

This suspended bookself is an example of thinking "outside the square", pardon the pun. The front room is an unusual shape and styling it was proving to be difficult for the owner. We designed it using irregular shapes and shelf lengths. The "bookshelf" now holds more than just books and is the star attraction in this reading-room.

These shelves are made from 16mm sheets of plywood laminated together to make 32mm sheets. They've then been cut to size and glued and nailed to make a really visually appealling set of shelves.

A blind can be a feature in itself. This one has the "folds" highlighted with small strips of light timber. It has the ability to lift the room or evn make it the "hero" of the room.