Although this feature wall is inside this building, the decking timber used means it could just as easily be installed outside. Highlights and small simple plants surrounded by river stones give this feature wall some real "punch".

We were laying a deck and there were some leftover materials. We’d been staring at an unattractive brick wall during the build and we suggested to the owner to render the wall and make a feature out of the leftover decking. It turned out wonderfully

This feature wall is stunning in its simplicity. A samll retaining wall, holding back pure white crushed rock, blackboy in the middle and birds of paradise either side. Sitting behind is a cultured-stone cladding wall. The rest of the fence is made from "merbau" decking

Not all decks/feature walls have to be made from Merbau. This one is made from a composite material which means "Low Maintenance". If you look closely you'll also not see any nails or screws. Although not necessary, most composite decking can be installed using special clips which are hidden underneath the decking.

This is actually a door that has been enhanced with recycled spotted gum flooring attached to it. The owner was after a slightly "rustic" look, hence the exposed rails, but this could just have easily been attached to an existing wall or new structure.