These photos show what can be done with just a little bit of extra thinking when creating a pergola and deck area. The owner wanted to be able to sit outside during the colder months but not lose too much sunlight in the process. He was also concerned about making sure not to get the neighbours offside. The answer was to create these suspended "walls" from merbau decking boards with highlight windows (made from opaque perspex). To sit in this area feels like you're in a genuine "outside room" and when it's colder the portable gas heaters warm the area up nicely.

Sometimes square doesn't suit the space or the client's taste. This small deck has beautiful curve at either end. In an otherwise square world it's a welcome change that softens the overall feel of this outside area.

Not all decks have to be made from Merbau or treated pine. Composite Decking is also available. Some of the benefits of using a composite material are Termite resistance, no oiling required, usually made using eco-friendly 100% recycled materials, will not crack rot or splinter and UV stability, which can be summarised into "Low Maintenance". This example here came from but many companies do manufacture composite decking boards.